17 Oct 2017

Be kind It always comes back to you...!

Be kind  It always comes back to you.

Be kind It always comes back to you...
Be kind ! It always comes back to you...
It is said that be good and don’t worry about the results

If you ask me, I have only now fully understood the meaning  of this line

A hassled 20 year old  boy came to my shop today

He frantically gave me a prescription , the bill of which came to Rupees 2000

As he took out the money from his pocket , I realized that he was short in cash the chemist

Seeing his dejected state , remind me of a similar incident in my life 12 years back
When I was suffering from typhoid

My older brother took me to the chemist shop.. However , we did not have the enough money to pay the bill.

We told to  the chemist this but as well all know there are all kind off people in this world .

The chemist washed his hands off the whole thing, but a noble man standing Close  decide to help us.
He cleared our whole bill and when my brother said thank you to him, he simply smiled and said that is only Goodness that has the power to  change the  world.

I quickly took whatever money the boy offered and asked him to leave saying  that its ok, It is only goodness that has the power to change the world.

Don’t know why, but this action of mine gave me ultimate happiness

What that man said to me that night stuck in my head forever. I try and help anyone whenever I can with the hope of reaching that man one-day.

Be kind ! It always comes back to you...