18 Jun 2018

How money is known in different ways

How money is known in different ways
money is known in different ways, Gopal Gaur Das Quote, bilati babu quote

In a temple / Church, charity its called a donation.

In a school its called Fees

In a marriage - Dowry

In a Divorce - Alimony

When you owe money to someone its called a debt

When you pay to Government its called a Tax

In a court, its called a Fine

When You receive it after retirement it's called a pension.

When an employer to worker its called a salary.

When a master gives to servent its called the wage.

When children receive it from parents its called allowance.

When a borrow from a bank its called loan.

When it offers after good service its called a tip.

When you paid to a kidnapper its called a ransom.

When you illegally received for the name of a service its called a BRIBE.

When you used to share and to serve others its called a Happiness.

There's nothing wrong in possessing money, the problem is when money possesses you. Earn more Money, fulfil your needs to utilise your money to share and serve others and transform the value of your money from currency to happiness

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