15 Nov 2019

True Love | Status of the day

True love whatsapp status
Love is when someone breaks our heart in many pieces and the most amazing thing is that we still love them with all broken pieces of our heart.

When a girl cries for a boy it means she misses him a lot when a boy cries for a girl it means no one in this world can love the girl more than that boy. That’s true.

Love means to see someone with closed eyes, to miss someone in the crowd, to find someone in every thought, to live for someone, love someone but to be sure that someone is only one..:)

It is when you hide tears and still care for her, it is when she ignores you and you still love her, it is when she begins to love another and you still smile for her, it is when you sacrifice your happiness and die for her.
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True love is like a pillow. You can hug it when you’re in trouble. You can cry on it when you’re in pain. You can embrace it when you’re happy. So when you need true love, buy a pillow.